We are one of the fastest growing professionally managed firm in Training / Education sector, we are providing real life success education to achieve financial freedom at early age of life by giving Financial & Business education to every individual who having interest in it. We have our office at Pune.

We are the team of young and energetic peoples having positive approach to provide training, education and guidance with professional ethics.

Our Vision

To be the Indians no.1 choice education organization which gives real life success education to every individuals to achieve financial freedom at the early age of life.

Our Mission

To give Financial freedom education to more than 9 lac people before 2029.

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What we bring to you

Money Mindset Development

Money mindset affects 80% of your financial life and money management strategies affects 20%, so both are important.

But these things are not taught to us in our education system, hence success percentage is less. We educate to develop a money mindset that affects 80% of your financial life. also we guide to understand the psychology of money & How to use it, if we understand & implement both these things, we can definitely succeed in our life.

Financial Freedom Mentoring

We Believe Financial free person can work on his unique ability & in the field of his Passion. We provide education of financial freedom mindset and strategy. We provide proper guidance on 7 stage advanced Richness Pyramid to achieve financial freedom at the early age of life.
We strive to provide Financial Roadmap with mentoring sessions.

Mindset Development & Financial Health Checkup

One to one meeting with you, discussion on your personal financial challenges and solutions in term of mindset & strategies both.
Detailed discussion on your Income, Expenses, Assets, Liability, Goals etc. Guidance to achieve your important financial goals.


Stock Market

We Provide trainings about complete share market from basic to advance for new and Experienced Investors and Traders And also for those who wish to learn Professional Trading Techniques and make a Bright Career in the Stock Market.

We have unique Magic Levels strategies to predict accurate market directions in Live market. With the help of Our Magic Levels Traders and Investors can Invest their Money in the Fastest-Growing Equity market.

During the trading classes, you will get to learn in an interactive classroom where we actually do trade in live Stock Market and teach trading to the Participants. This will act as a confidence booster to traders to become pro-traders and make trading as their career of business.

BIGROW Business Club

We are providing unique platform for Consumers, Vendors, Entrepreneurs & Financers.

This platform will help you to find :-

  • Entrepreneurs get Consumers for their products / services.
  • Consumers get their required products / services with special offers provided by vendors
  • Also providing training and guidance to multiply growth for businesses.

Bigrow VenCapt Business Ventures

We provide Capital raising options for your startup or existing business. Also we provide expert guidance on business Pitch-Deck preparation. We provide Startup / Business investment opportunities for Investor / Financer.



Our NLP certification program is designed to drive a change in you to inspire self and motivate others.
Professionals who are doctors, lawyers, teachers, fitness trainers, homemakers, etc. will find the NLP Practitioner Certification a valuable addition to the way they work with others.

Job & Career Guidance

We provide unique platform offering online training and development programs to career seeking aspirants. A comprehensive training program designed to help career-seeking aspirants discover their career paths by assessing skills to make them job-ready.We train & transform graduates as professionals. Training in resume building and social profile. Get them ready for interview & job to start their career in better way.

Passive Income Guidance

Discover the path to financial freedom with our Passive Income Guidance course. Learn proven methods to generate sustainable income streams with minimal effort. From real estate investments to digital assets, this course equips you with practical strategies tailored to your financial goals. Take control of your future and build a diversified portfolio that works for you, enabling you to enjoy more freedom and flexibility in life.

Money Management

Master your finances with our Money Management course, where you’ll learn essential skills to take control of your financial future. Discover how to budget effectively, save wisely, and invest strategically to achieve your goals. From tackling debt to building wealth, this course provides practical guidance tailored to your personal financial journey. Empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions and secure a stable financial foundation for long-term success.

Business Development & Collaboration

Elevate your business with our Business Development & Collaboration course. Gain insights into scaling your venture, fostering strategic partnerships, and maximizing growth opportunities. Learn to navigate challenges, leverage networking, and innovate effectively. Whether you’re a startup or established enterprise, this course equips you with the tools to thrive in a competitive landscape. Join us and unlock the potential for sustainable success through strategic collaboration and business expansion.

Business Startup Guidance

Launch your dream venture with our Business Startup Guidance course. Gain practical insights into creating a solid business plan, securing funding, and navigating legal requirements. Learn essential strategies for marketing, branding, and customer acquisition to establish a strong foundation. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or seasoned professional, this course provides the tools and support you need to turn your ideas into a successful business. Join us and embark on the path to entrepreneurial success with confidence.

“Our goal is to continually research, implement strategies, and deliver real-world success education to help you achieve your dreams.”

In the Bigrow Family programs, you will learn

  • Wealth and success mindset development
  • Money mindset development strategies
  • 25 Scientific formulas for increasing the expectancy value of money
  • 6 Techniques to stop and convert negative thoughts into positive ones
  • Scientific Goal-setting and proven vision board strategies
  • 9 meditation techniques
  • Information and guidance on different asset classes
  • Personal financial planning
  • A 7-step formula for financial freedom


  • Our leading trainers, Dada Bhapkar and Mohsin Pathan, bring a combined experience of 13 years.
  • Both achieved financial freedom at ages 29 and 34, respectively.
  • They are authors of the Amazon best-sellers “Yes! I Love Money” and “Yes! I Love Sales,”
  • Both these books have received the “Golden Book of the Year” award for the year 2022 and 2023 respectively.
  • Both has been honored with Maharashtra Udyog Ratna.
  • Awarded “Most Results Driven Coach of the Year” for creating record breaking stories in a short span of time through Money Mindset and Financial Training, Coaching.

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